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Vanadium Pentoxide V2O5

Vanadium pentoxide

Vanadium pentoxide is an industrial chemical and also occurs naturally in the environment. Vanadium petoxide 98% is also produced as a by-product upon combustion of certain fossil fuels. vanadium pentoxide V2O5 98% is the highest-purity vanadium pentoxide in the world where it is used as V2O5 catalysts and in many other high-purity applications. Two grades are produced for use in chemical and V2O5 98% catalysts, Behnfield and Stretford gas processing, coloring compounds, batteries, dye fixants, and vitamins. This high-purity product is also the raw material used to produce other 99% vanadium alloys and chemicals.

Vanadium pentoxide, with a annual production of 3000mt. our products can meet the customers for their special demands, with its assay fromvanadium pentoxide 98%- vanadium pentoxide 99.9%.such as V2O5 98%,V2O5 99% ,V2O5 99.5%, V2O5 99.7%, V2O5 99.9% , V2O5 powder, V2O5 flake

We are a major factory to product the vanadium pentoxide, we can supply the following cargo:vanadium pentoxide 99%,vanadium pentoxide 99.5%,vanadium pentoxide 99.7%,vanadium pentoxide 99.9%.

vanadium pentoxide flake vanadium pentoxide powder V2O5 FLAKE V2o5 powder
25KG Fiber Drum 40KG Fiber Drum 50KG Iron Drum 100KG Iron Drum

We have perfect raw materials controlling process and finished product testing methods. With 20 years of production experience and reliable quality assurance system, our vanadium pentoxides have been exported to the United States, Japan, Western Europe, totally 10 countries and regions, and well received by customers.
We can also supply different packages according to your requirement, here are the packing picture for your checking:

China has high potential in the consumption of vanadium and has become one of the largest countries in the production capacity and technology of the vanadium industry, which is developing on the track of standardization and industrialization. Vanadium product will take an important position in the international market and the production of vanadium will have a prospective future in the 21 st century as a booming industrial.