A: What’s the usage of vanadium pentoxide?

B: Firstly, V2O5 is the protection reagent of amino and hydroxyl. Secondly, vanadium pentoxide powder plays a role as catalyst in the process that Sulfur dioxide turns into Sulfur trioxide in industry.

A: How vanadium pentoxideis produced?

B: We know it from the following aspects:

Raw materials: mainly it needs Coal mine containing vanadium and vanadium, titanium magnetite.

Ore decomposition: there are 2 methods, the first one is sintering and the second one is acid soluble method which smashes the mineral powder with dilute acid(mainly dilute sulfuric acid)heating and the vanadium goes into solution. Leaching: Will sintering material and make water leaching vanadium with slanting vanadium acid sodium form go into solution, filter, for crude washing filtrate partial vanadium, then after acid sodium solution chemical precipitation, solvent extraction process such as further purification impurities, make vanadium enrichment to certain concentration, generally in 15 g/l above.

Sink vanadium: will the pure partial vanadium V2O5 adjust pH value solution to 6.5-7.5, four times the amount of theory to ammonium bicarbonate or ammonium chloride solution to make the precipitation agent, control temperature, precipitation in 30 degrees below. The precipitation, with 5% of the filter, ammonium bicarbonate solution washing 2-3 times, garnish with 30% ethanol to wash 1-2 times, drying, pure partial vanadium ammonium acid products.

A: How can we protect ourselves when vanadium pentoxide involved in emergency?

B: There is great number of measures to do, for example, take off the polluted clothes when the skin accesses to the product. As to eye contact, you should immediately file a eyelid and rinse with water.

A: What’s the damage of your product?

B:Vanadium pentoxide flake does damage to Respiratory system and skin.

A: Does it affect health?

B: Yes. ute poisoningnium pentoxide 99.9% can cause nasal, pharynx, lungs, stimulating symptoms. Though Chronic poisoning, it may cause chronic bronchitis, kidney damage, vision problems, etc.

A: How the Vanadium Pentoxide 99.5% should be stored?

B: 4 ℃ dry filling argon seal preservation is enough.

A: Does it soluble in water?

B: Yes, slightly.

A: Is it poisonous?

B: Yes, highly toxic.

A: Is it solid or liquid?

B: Solid and sensitive to wet.

A: Need we wear protective gloves while using?

B: Yes, of course.