Factory Base

Benren Alloy Co., Ltd was established in 2008 ,and it is a technical enterprise focus on supplying the series alloy products such as TUNGSTEN series(Ammonium Tungstate/Sodium Tungstate/Tungsten Bar/Tungsten Trioxide /Tungstic Acid),NIOBIUM series(Niobium Powder/Niobium Bars/Niobium Pentoxide/Niobium sheet/Niobium Ingots),TANTALUM series (Tantalum Powder/Tantalum Bars/Tantalum Pentoxide/Tantalum sheet) and so on . Currently, with the tens years development ,  the enterprise will guide itself with the scientific outlook to improve the capacity and to provide the superior service and good quality products. The enterprise would like to cooperate with all the customers both new and old to expand the market and to seek development with mutual benefit!