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Application:steel making and foundryShape:blockDimensions:less than 20mm*20mm
Chemical Composition: Fe,Nb+Ta,Ta,Al,Si,C,S,P,W…


1. Composition:Fe,Nb+Ta,Ta,Al,Si,C,S,P,W,Mn,Sn,Pb,As,Sb,Bi,Ti
2. Brand:FeNb70,FeNb60-A
3. Material:Ferroniobium concentrate


Ferro Columbium alloy is applied to steel making and foundry as additive. We add niobium to stainless and heat resistant steel so as to raise its plasticity and corrosion resistance of your product. We add niobium to structural steel to improve welding property of the structural steel and enhance its strength and plasticity to prevent welding seam from corrosion. Niobium is indispensable to high temperature steel and alloy, since niobium can enhance high temperature strength, refine grain and avoid grain growth. Carbide which is made by Niobium is combined with carbon can eliminate harmful effects that chromium carbide deposits in stainless steel to enhance abrasion resistance of steel.

Chemical Compositions(GB/T7737-1997)

BrandChemical Compositions (%)

Material: Ferro Columbium concentrate is used as material to manufacture FeNb60-B and FeNb20.

Shape: Ferro Columbium alloy is delivered in block or powder.

Size: The quality of the biggest particle does not exceed 8kg. The quality of this product whose particle size range is less than 20mm×20mm should not exceed 5% of the total quality.

Application: Steel making and foundry

Package: 100kg per iron bucket

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