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Are you looking for premium quality Tungsten? We are the one-stop destination for you. We offer Tungstate serises products that is utilized as a mordent in dyeing, for fireproofing fabrics, weighting silk, reagent pigment, tannins, aceto acetic acid, uric acid as well as decoloursing acetic acid.

Our range of Tungsten includes Sodium TungstateTungstic AcidAmmounium tungstateTungsten Trioxide and Tungsten Bar.

Finding applications in assortment of industries, sodium tungstate is available in various quantities suiting to the demands of customers. It is manufactured under the supervision of our chemical engineers and is also tested on various quality parameters before delivery. We are considered as one of the chief sodium tungstate dihydrate Manufacturers & Exporters from china.

Sodium TungstateTungstic Acid
Ammounium TungstateTungsten Trioxide
Tungsten BarTungsten Particle

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