Tantalum products classification and application

Tantalum is a kind of metallic element, mainly exist in tantalite. The texture of Tantalum is very tough, with malleable, can pull filaments thin foil type system. It has very excellent chemical properties, with high corrosion resistance. Tantalum is a kind of gray white metal, with excellent chemical properties, high corrosion resistance in both cold and hot conditions, does not react with hydrochloric acid nitric acid and aqua regia. The common compounds of Tantalum are Tantalum Pentoxide and Tantalum Carbide Powder.

Therefore, Tantalum products has a very wide range of application.
1. Tantalum used for producing Tantalum capacitor: Tantalum powder and Tantalum wire () is the important materials to the production of Tantalum capacitor, and Tantalum capacitor is the most outstanding capacitors. And Niobium can also be production of capacitors.
2. Tantalum used to make high temperature resistant Tantalum products: Tantalum ability of high temperature, good strength and stiffness, is to produce high-temperature vacuum furnace heating parts, insulating parts and loading containers of high quality materials.
3. Tantalum Niobium used in producing corrosion resistant Tantalum Niobium products: Tantalum Niobium is good acid and alkali resistant and liquid metal corrosion materials, in the chemical industry boiler heater cooler can be used for the production of various vessels devices and so on.
4. The application of Tantalum Niobium in the aerospace industry: for the production of aviation space shuttles, rockets, submarines and other engine parts, such as the combustion chamber, the combustion tube, turbo pumps. Such as WC-103 Nb-Hf-Ti alloy is high temperature Niobium-based aerospace materials, accelerators for rocket nozzles, spacecraft propulsion devices and afterburner nozzle valves.
5. Tantalum carbide additive: hard alloy is mainly used as cutting tools, molds and corrosion resistant structural components, adding TaC can increase its hardness, strength, melting point and other properties. NbC can also do this, but performance is inferior to TaC.
6. Niobium is a major steel additives: adding Niobium microalloyed steel, the steel grain refinement, can improve the strength and toughness of steel, about 75% Niobium is applied to the field.
7. Tantalum Oxide and Niobium Oxide the raw material of producing Tantalum Niobium artificial crystal materials: Ta2O5, Nb2O5 is the raw material in the production of LT, LN crystal material. And LT, LN are important piezoelectric , pyroelectric and nonlinear optical material , the surface acoustic wave in the laser and micro other technical areas have important uses.
8. The application of Niobium in the nuclear industry: Nb neutron capture cross section is small, thermal conductivity and high strength, used as a fuel in the nuclear reactor package material, nuclear fuel alloy additives, heat exchanger structural materials.
The demand and limited supply promote the price of Tantalum products continued to rise. This situation was due to the generation of the electronic information industry boom downstream upgrading pulling Tantalum demand, and also due to limited capacity release. Tantalum short supply capacity can not meet demand. The price of Tantalum products will continue to rise. But if you have the demand for Tantalum products with competitive price and high quality, please contact us!