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Ammonium tungstate

Ammonium tungstate

CAS Number 1311-93-9
Molecular Formula H42N10O42W12
Molecular weight 373.99092

Ammonium Tungstate Properties

the white crystal powder . Monoclinic structure. Able to dissolve in water, almost insoluble in alcohol. By hydration tungsten acid and ammonia solution reaction from the system.
SolubilitySoluble in 5% Water

Ammonium Tungstate Uses

Production of tungsten metal and its derivatives, Fire proofing fabrics and cellulose, Reagent for uric acid, Alkaloids, Plasma proteins, Blood sugar, Clinical analysis of blood, Textile (mordant, color resist) plastics, To form metal by reduction, Alloys, Preparation oftungstate for x-ray screen, Yellow pigment in ceramic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Application of ammonium tungstate
Ammonium tungstate can be used to produce lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, pigments, fertilizers, and catalysts. It can also be used to create WO3 and W powder and then processed into tungsten metal products such as tungsten bars, tungsten crucibles, tungsten wires, tungsten rods, tungsten electrodes, tungsten slabs, tungsten alloys, etc. In addition, it is also applied to supercapacitors, nanomaterials, photoelectric materials, superconducting materials, hydrogen storage materials, fuel cells, and other industries and is widely used in steel, hard alloy, metal processing, electronic components, electric light sources, electric vacuum, metallurgy, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical biology, aerospace and military industry and other fields.