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PropertiesGrey powder with irregular form and magnetism. Dissolved in acid, and easy to be oxidized in the moist air.
Cobalt compoundscobalt sulfate,cobalt acetate,cobalt carbonate,cobalt oxide

Standard Specification

Chemical Component %
Co≥ 99.95
Ni< 0.0045O< 0.5
Pb< 0.0022Na< 0.0033
Al< 0.0013Cu< 0.0024
Si< 0.0025Mn< 0.0009
Fe< 0.0070Mg< 0.0009
S< 0.0017Ca< 0.0026
Zn< 0.0014C< 0.03
Physical Character
Appaeren Density (g/cm3)0.4-1.0Particle Size(μm)D50 <10


Cobalt widely used in the metallurgical products of hard alloys, diamond tools, high temperature alloys and magnetic materials, and in the chemicals of rechargeable batteries, blasting pharmaceuticals, rocket fuel and medicine.

Packing And Storage

1.Iron barrel or plastic bag package.
2.Carefully keep away from moist and damp.Store in dry and ventilating place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cobalt is used in battery materials

Currently, nearly 40% of cobalt consumption is used for rechargeable battery materials, such as lithium cobaltate for lithium-ion batteries, cobaltous oxide for nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc. The primary use of cobalt is in lithium batteries. One of the cores of lithium-ion batteries is its positive electrode material, in which lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) is used. Lithium cobalt oxide is a solid electrolyte with high energy density and environmental safety. The advantages of lithium batteries are wide voltage range, high energy density, and environmental protection (compared with Ni-Cd and Ni-Mn).

Application of Cobalt in Medical Industry

Cobalt is also widely used in the medical field. The radioactive isotope of cobalt can treat skin diseases and malignant tumours. Adding an appropriate amount of cobalt to penicillin can improve its curative effect. Cobalt content is as high as 4.5% in vitamin B12 (alias cobalamin), which has unique effects on hematopoiesis. In addition, cobalt is also used in artificial joint materials and dental fillings.