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Tungsten is one of the important alloy elements which are used to make special steel. While tungsten reduce a little elongation rate of steel, Ferro-tungsten raises strength limit and yield point and also raises hardness and abrasion resistance of steel. Ferro-tungsten is very important that tungsten has good influence on high temperature mechanical properties of steel to improve heat resistance and tempering stability of steel
Chemical Compositions(GB/T3648-1996)

BrandChemical Compositions (%)

Notes: Ferrotungsten should be delivered in lump whose size range is from 10 to 130mm. the amount of debris whose size is less than 10mm×10mm should not exceed 5% of the total mass of this batch of products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ferro Tungsten?

Ferro-tungsten is an alloy of tungsten and iron. It is used as an alloying agent for tungsten in steelmaking and casting. Ferro-tungsten is one of the most important alloying elements for the production of special steel, and is widely used in refining high-speed tool steel, alloy structural steel, magnetic steel, heat-resistant steel and stainless steel. Tungsten can combine with other elements to form complex carbides in steel, making the grains of steel thinner. Therefore, the red hardness, wear resistance and impact strength of the steel can be improved, the elongation of the steel can be reduced to a small extent, and the strength limit and yield point of the steel can be improved.