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Re: 99.95% min

1) Palladium: ≥99.95%
2) Platinum: ≥99.95%
3) Rhodium: ≥99.95%
4) Iridium: ≥99.95%
5) Samarium: ≥99.95%
6) Osmium: ≥99.95%
7) Rhenium: ≥99.99%
8) Hafnium: ≥99.95%
9) Palladous chloride, iridium chloride, etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rhenium alloy field

The global reserves of rhenium are minimal, and the price is relatively high, so rhenium-containing alloys are primarily used in applications. As an alloy additive element, rhenium can significantly improve and enhance the performance of the alloy. Rhenium-tungsten, rhenium-molybdenum, and rhenium-nickel superalloys are the most critical rhenium alloys and are widely used in aerospace, electronics and other industrial sectors.

Rhenium effect

Rhenium can simultaneously improve the strength and plasticity of tungsten, molybdenum, and chromium, and this phenomenon is called the “rhenium effect”. For example, adding a small amount (3% to 5%) of rhenium can increase the recrystallization initiation temperature of tungsten by 300°C to 500°C—the above effect of rhenium (Re) is called the rhenium effect.