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Sodium Tungstate

Sodium tungstate, Na2WO4, a tungstate of sodium, is useful as a source of tungsten. It is prepared from tungsten ores used to manufacture tungsten by reducing it. Sodium tungstate is often found as the Sodium tungstate dihydrate, Na2WO4•2H2O. This salt is soluble in water and is a moderately strong oxidizing agent.


Index Name Sodium tungstate
  Sodium tungstate 99% Sodium tungstate 98% Sodium tungstate 96%
Na2WO4.2H2O 99.0 98.0 ≥96.0
Mo 0.001 0.02
As 0.001 0.01 0.01
Cu 0.0001 0.0005 0.001
Al 0.001 0.0025 0.01
Fe 0.001 0.002 0.01
Si 0.004 0.04 0.04
Water Insoluble Substances 0.005 0.05  0.1
 PH 7.5-9.5 – 
Moisture Content  11-15 – 


Sodium tungstate as the intermediate for manufacturing tungsten material; also applied to the manufacture of mordant, catalyst, pigment, analytic reagent, fabric-weight agent in the textile industry, also applied to the fire prevention, waterproof fabric.


Iron drums or knit bags with the net capacities of 50 kg or 100 kg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sodium Tungstate?

Sodium tungstate is a kind of inorganic substance, chemical formula is Na2WO4, colorless crystalline or white crystalline powder, weathering in dry air, relative density 3.23 ~ 3.25, melting point 698℃ (anhydrous). Sodium tungstate is colorless crystal or white rhomboid crystal, shiny flake crystal or crystalline powder, sodium tungstate is soluble in water, the aqueous solution is slightly alkaline, insoluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in ammonia. Weathering in the air. Heating to 100℃ loss of crystalline water and anhydrous substance. React with strong acid (except hydrofluoric acid) to form insoluble yellow tungstic acid, react with phosphoric acid or phosphate to form phosphotungstic heteropoly acid complex, react with tartaric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid and other organic acids to form the corresponding organic acid complex.

What is Sodium Tungstate used for?

  1. Used for mordant, analytical reagent, catalyst, water treatment agent, manufacture of fireproof and waterproof material, as well as phosphotungstate, borotungstate, etc.
  2. Used in the manufacture of metal tungsten, tungstic acid, tungstate, etc.
  3. Used for mordant, pigment, dye, ink.
  4. Textile workers used as fabric weighting agent, this product is used as fabric additive, the mixture of sodium tungstate, ammonium sulfate ammonium phosphate and so on is used for fiber fire and waterproof. This kind of fiber can be made fireproof rayon and rayon. It can also be used for leather tanning.
  5. Used for anticorrosion of electroplating coating.
  6. Used as a cosolvent to introduce porcelain glaze color material can rise and fall low firing temperature and complement color effect.
  7. Used in the petroleum industry and the manufacture of aviation and aerospace materials.
  8. Used as an indicator in analytical chemical experiments.