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Tungsten Bar

Tungsten Bar

AppearanceSilver grey metallic luster, or dark grey metallic luster.
GradeTW-1, TW-4
StandardThe impurity content accords with GB/T3459-2006 standard.

Main Applications

TW-1 is used for making the pole, drawing wire, tungsten-base alloy or steel-making additive;TW-4 is used as the steel-making additive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tungsten rod?

Tungsten rods are made of tungsten powder as the primary raw material doped with other elements using high-temperature metallurgy, sintering, forging, swaging, rolling, and polishing.

The properties of tungsten rod

The metal W content in the tungsten rod is about 99%, and the product’s surface presents a silver-gray metallic luster. Its color changes with different production stages: use powder metallurgy law tungsten powder to shape, after shaping, forge its surface to have a layer of oxide, which appears black; polish it, and the surface presents a silver-gray metallic luster. At room temperature, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high hardness, and high melting point. In the case of the same volume, its weight is similar to that of gold. Therefore, in the case of gold plating, unscrupulous people in business often use it to replace gold for profit. Note: In the process of transportation and storage, you should take care of your safety to avoid unnecessary injuries due to their weight.

The use of tungsten rod

Tungsten rods are widely used in various fields. For example: making support wires, lead-in wires, printer needles, multiple electrodes and quartz furnaces, filaments, high-speed tools, automatic automotive products, sputtering targets, etc. In addition, it is also used in the military field. For example: to replace the explosives dropped by the previous aircraft, the main principle is to put a certain amount of it into the former explosives department and then lock the target or target area from an altitude of tens or hundreds of kilometers to release it. The power of one tungsten rod is enough to penetrate the protective armor of a destroyer and an aircraft carrier. The destroyer and the aircraft carrier can be sunk when reaching a specific number.