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Tungsten Particle

Tungsten Particle

AppearanceBright Grey Polytope Granules
Grain Size(-12- +80)mesh
Over Size≤5%
Under Size≤7%
Impurity Content≤0.001%

Double-layer-plastic lined iron drums with the net capacity of 50 kg, or according to customers’ concrete requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Tungsten Particle?

Tungsten is a kind of oxide. In the production of tungsten products , contact alloys , heavy gravity alloys , cemented carbides , alloy additives and other tungsten carbide processed into particles are commonly used in the wear resistance and grinding industry . Tungsten granule , also known as tungsten flux , is the metal tungsten processing into fine particles , particle size 20-40 , high purity , up to 99.95% , so also known as pure tungsten flux , the main use of high-frequency infrared carbon sulfur analyzer in the high-frequency combustion flux , with good melting effect , the analysis results are very stable . 

What is Tungsten Particle?

Tungsten particle is a bright gray polyhedral particle, high purity, tungsten particle is also difficult to melt metal, melting point 3380℃, the reason for using it as an additive, because tungsten is easy to be oxidized, tungsten particle at 650℃ oxygen began to oxidation and release a lot of heat, with high heating value, fast reaction speed characteristics. In the process of use, acidic oxide tungsten trioxide can be generated, which is conducive to the release of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, and will not form a covering layer to cover the sample; The generated tungsten trioxide will have a significant biochemical phenomenon above 900℃. Due to the overflow of tungsten trioxide, the diffusion speed of carbon and sulfur is increased, so that the carbon and sulfur of the sample are fully oxidized. It can be seen that tungsten particles have good solubilization effect, and the analysis results are very stable. Tungsten particles are favored by production and processing fields with its unique characteristics.

The following describes the use of tungsten particles:

1: tungsten particle is mainly used for the analysis of infrared carbon sulfur oxide solubilizing combustor, which helps to reduce the melting point of combustor and promote the release of carbon sulfur;

2: In the production of tungsten products, melting point alloys, large proportion alloys, cemented carbide, alloy additives and other tungsten carbide processed into particles are usually used for wear resistance and grinding industry;

3: Suitable for processing ion implantation parts, manufacturing optical power supply and electric vacuum parts, used as high temperature heating element and high temperature structural parts, used as electrode or resistance welding in the rare earth industry, impact welding machine, tungsten electrode forging state tungsten rod can be used as cathode of electrolytic cell, used for rare earth smelting.