Uses of Tungsten Flux

Tungsten particles, also known as pure tungsten co-solvent, are fine particles processed from metal tungsten with a high purity of more than 99.95%. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, it is widely used in many fields.
Uses of Tungsten Flux
① Due to its low impurity content and high melting point, it is very suitable as a catalyst in a carbon and sulfur analyzer, which can effectively improve the accuracy and accuracy of the measured value. Carbon and sulfur analyzers can quickly analyze the carbon and sulfur content in solid and fluid materials such as steel, cast iron, copper, alloys, ores, cement, ceramics, carbon compounds, coal, petroleum, lime, soil, rubber, leaves, soot, garbage, sand, glass, etc.
② It can be used as a filler for shielding materials to enhance the shielding effect on radiation and is suitable for use in radiation protection doors and baffles.
③ It is suitable as a counterweight filler because of its small size, high density, and good corrosion resistance.

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